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Slide ABOUT Football is Everywhere tells world's football stories.
Football is Everywhere is a highly visual collection of football stories from around the world, showcasing that football is everywhere in a form of a magazine, showcasing how much it impacts people’s lives, in many big and small ways, whether it’s a small town of 20 people managing to keep their club going, whether it’s Faroe Islands where most of the population plays football, or whether it’s a 4,000 people town reaching the highest tier of football in Sweden. It’s a magazine created with the intention to honor the football communities and their efforts, around the world.

...Created with the ultimate goal and purpose of it to give back to the football communities around the world, both by telling stories worth telling that are yet untold, but also by investing into football communities around the world. The first issue covers the stories of football in North of Sweden, with a Indiegogo to be launched as a pre-order and a way to cover the initial printing stages of the magazine.

Welcome! Football is everywhere.
We showcase the meaning of football. We are a group of football lovers and content creators, who live and breathe football. The idea for Football is everywhere started at the end of 2019, with the first idea to make it into a documentary which we started on during early 2020, with the first one being about Capri which we happened to be working on, when Italy went into a full lockdown. For the rest of that year, football was practically illegal.

At the start of 2021 we really gathered ourselves as started working on the first issue, North of Sweden. Now with the decision that Football is Everywhere will become a printed magazine.

Our first issue is currently in the making. You will also be able to shortly buy prints our webshop. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Slide WHO ARE WE Pato Jerzak Co-Founder and Head of Photography Hey there, my name is Pato Jerzak and I am a professional football player and also the person behind the idea of "Football is Everywhere". The reason why I decided to start is because I firstly want to show the beauty and importance of football in communities but also to make it possible for everyone to play football. I have grown up in a privileged country where I never was stopped from playing football. But in many places, playing football is not possible for everyone, especially for women. I am on a mission to change that.

Slide Michael Smolski Co-Founder and Head of Copy Hey, my name is Michael Smolski, I’m a documentary filmmaker with a passion for telling stories worth telling especially in the world of football. In the last couple of years, I’ve been involved in growing women’s football. I’m also a footballer. Not professional. I’m also heavily involved in health optimization.

Slide Matt Berry - Head of Design I’m a British graphic designer based in Buckinghamshire, UK. I've been practicing graphic design for over 20 years. I currently run my own design practice called Made by Berry. In 2012 I turned a passion-project into a football brand called Dinkit. Dinkit fuses the beautiful game with graphic design and typography to create football art & design.

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