1 Year (3 issues) Subscription


A one-year (3 issue) subscription of Football is Everywhere packed with some amazing perks and secret deals.

In 2022, a yearly subscription will consist of 3 issues, telling stories from all over the world. Experience beautiful imagery and stories throughout the football world.

Designed by Dinkit.

You can choose which issue to begin your subscription with, and after that one you get two of the future issues. And of course, you get one limited edition poster with one of your issues.

Your subscription will automatically renew in a year. You will receive 2 weeks notice before that happens.

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– 3 issues
– A free A4 Poster included with one issue each year.
– 10% discount on certain non-magazine products once they launch.
-Worldwide shipping

(Shipping costs might seem higher, but that’s because you are getting several issues, shipped separately.

Additional information

Start with:

North of Sweden (Issue 01), Faroe Islands (Issue 02), Issue 03


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