Limited Edition Issue 3 Ireland With 10 Stickers – Pre-Order


This limited edition version of Issue 03 Ireland comes with 10 Ireland issue-themed stickers.

From getting a look inside the head into one of Ireland’s most successful referees to mental health organizations in football.

From the home of Irish football to the GAA.
We go as far as the South to Wexford and as far as North as Donegal.

In fact, you’ll also see us as far West as possible, visiting the region of Connemara in Ireland.

You’ll learn about the Irish Langauge, the culture, the struggles that football in Ireland went on. The struggle of certain regions. The history of the game in Ireland, and the history of the women’s national team. All of that, compiled together, through breathtaking photography taken 100% by our team.

Shipping early May. Pre-order now.


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